Mark Machlay
Mark MachlayMetal Temple
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SHEPHERD’s debut is a really strong, doom metal album that has the potential for wider success.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10
Brian McLean
Brian McLeanBrutal Planet Magazine
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Shepherd's "First Hand" is a "sonically blistering debut"...

Stream the entire Shepherd “First Hand” EP at Invisible Oranges!

“Art often seeks to imitate nature, attempting to evoke the beauty and untamed passion that we find in the world around us. Rarely, however, do we find bands that can capture that spark and also portray a lesser-appreciated aspect: the sheer goddamn heaviness of the natural world. Doom-rock trio Shepherd hail from Denver, Colorado, a place perhaps closer to that reality than others, and have created an expansive form of doom metal that branches out to post-metal and rock to add depth and might to their windswept riffing. We’re streaming the band’s debut EP First Hand now — check out the elemental forces at work….” Ted Nubel (IO)

Stream the new Shepherd single through Decibel Magazine!

“Denver doom rockers Shepherd play like they’re trying to dwarf the Rockies with their riffs. Their upcoming First Hand debut is a rustic expedition through doom and stoner rock wastelands. Their mammoth melodicism evokes the harmonicraft sludge of Torche if it got lost in a dust storm. By weaving in elements of outlaw country and desert psych, Shepherd will also appeal to fans of Alice in Chains and Mastodon. First Hand will be available from Destruent Records on November 20th. But Decibel has an exclusive track (“Persephone”) to satiate your curiosity early…..”

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